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About Us

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.

Our History

Our company has been established since 2009 as a LED sign manufacturer in Sydney, Australia. With over 25 years of LED sign experience in Korea, we strive to always meet our customer’s demands. We have developed and patented many new products, from modules, software and  remote controls.

We  promote the  highest quality of an LED sign from fabrication, assembly, installation and support. Our knowledgeable representatives are here to assist from beginning to end.


Lumitron Pty Ltd customises any LED signs to fit your specific needs and demands. We make LED signs that are very affordable without sacrificing quality. Every part is rigorously tested from start to finish to meet our high quality demands.

From high quality extruded aluminium, South Korean circuitry and Samsung I.C. We make LED signs that will leave an ever lasting impression on your customers.